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Welcome to Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q!!! At Bono’s, it’s not just about serving great food, it’s about providing the most authentic traditional southern BBQ experience you’ve ever had. We have worked hard to ensure that every time you walk into one of our restaurants you are presented with a genuine down-home experience, where customer service, incredible food, and full stomachs are never taken for granted. That is why we cook all of our award-winning BBQ fresh everyday and finish it on a live pit, the way real BBQ is supposed to be cooked. We are committed to our team, customers, and community to offer a sense of pride at every level.

Bono’s has been serving Real Pit Barbecue since 1949. We invite you to come join us whether it is your first time ever or first time this week. And remember, if you don’t see a Pit, it ain’t Legit.

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Next time you're inviting the whole gang over for a party, why not let Bono's fix the pickins? We guarantee you'll be satisfied, whether the party is for 10 or 10,000!

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Bistro Catering

Bono's has been catering your special events for over 60 years. We are now proud to introduce Bistro Catering prepared by The Patio at Pastiche. Under the professional direction of Catering Director Debra Malinis and with the culinary expertise of the chefs at The Patio, Bono's Bistro Catering has expanded its capabilities and now produces menus that span far beyond Barbecue. There is no limit to what we can produce for your event and we ensure the highest quality cuisine as well as unmatched customer service. We look forward to having the opportunity to cater your event.

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A Bono's franchise could be just what you're looking for if you possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Bono's is continually looking for quality, enthusiastic individuals to become area developers of the Bono's tradition.

Being a Bono's franchisee is a great opportunity but it does take a lot of work. Luckily for Bono's franchisees, our corporate office has over 25 years of experience to pass along. If you are selected as a franchisee, Bono's will help you along the way - from selecting a location to training your employees to marketing your new Bono's. When you join the Bono's family, you may be on your own, but you will not be alone.

If you would like to receive a Bono's franchising packet, please call our corporate office at (904) 880-8310 or Contact us.

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Settle down for real pit barbeque, and raise funds for your organization—all at the same time!

Looking for a fundraiser that’s a sure-fire hit for your organization? Heat up your efforts with a down-home fundraising night at Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q! It’s simple—just invite your friends and family to dine with us on a designated evening, and Bono’s will donate 15% of their bills that night back to your school, church or nonprofit organization.

Bring Bono's Home


  • Plan your fundraiser a month in advance to give people plenty of time to plan.
  • Hand out as many flyers as possible, and remind participants to bring their flyers to Bono’s on the designated night so that 15% of their bills will be donated back to your organization.
  • Encourage participation in the fundraiser through reminder calls, word-of-mouth and lots of high energy!

The Bono’s Fundraiser. It’s just one more way we stay involved with our community.

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about middle about harvey

Barbecue is America's only true indigenous food. Native Americans cooked their meats over pits and history tells us that George Washington attended a barbecue. Americans light up their grills more than 2.9 billion times a year. Barbecue is also society's great equalizer; drive by a barbecue restaurant and it's not unusual to find pick-ups next to luxury cars next to motorcycles.

Great bar-b-q will do that.

We don't know if Lou Bono understood all this, but one thing's for sure: he knew how to cook authentic southern bar-b-q.

When Lou Bono fired up the pits of his first restaurant in Jacksonville back in 1949, little did he know that his food would one day be celebrated as the quintessential southern style Bar-B-Q. This was not just another barbecue joint, Lou cooked his meats the traditional way; in specially designed pits over wood, and watched carefully by a Pit Boss. Thanks to Lou's tireless efforts and a smoky sauce that out-zinged the competition, Bono's became an immediate success.

Bono's has never changed its authentic bar-b-q and today, under the leadership of Joe Adeeb and daughters Kirsten Martino and Katie Colley, it's grown from a small, local operation to a successful enterprise of more than twenty restaurants. Bono's restaurants are now located throughout Florida as well as Colorado.

Ask Harvey Green what the secret to good bar-b-q is and he'll smile and say, "You've got to take your time, y' know? Go slow and easy just like making love to a woman."

He should know. Since 1956 Harvey has been the Cutter at the original Bono's on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida. Yep. That's right. More than 50 years of chopping, slicing, cutting, cooking and chatting up folks lucky enough to find a seat at his counter. His regulars know him and he knows his regulars, how they want their meat cooked and what sauce they like.

Every Bono's restaurant has its own version of Harvey Green, masterfully working the pit. But if you happen to be in Jacksonville, stop by and say hello to the Original. Then get ready to have some of the best darn southern bar-b-q this side of heaven.

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Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2009. Lou Bono fired up the pits in 1949 and the award-winning traditional Southern BBQ has kept people coming back for more ever since. As good as the food is, we know we are only as good as the fine people who represent Bono’s on a daily basis.

As Mr. Joe, Owner of Bono’s, would say, “We are not in the food business, we are in the hospitality business and hospitality is the foundation of our restaurant philosophy.” It’s about soul – and service without soul, no matter how great, is quickly forgotten by our guests.

The following Team Members have been with us for a minimum of 10 years. They represent the hospitality and the soul we strive for and we thank them for their dedication and commitment to excellence.

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Check our individual locations for the Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q restaurant nearest you. Each location includes street address and restaurant phone number.

10645-200 Philips Hwy.

Jacksonville, Florida 32256

904.880.8310 904.880.8373
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8011 Merrill Road

Jacksonville, FL 32277

Takeout: 904.743.3727

Catering: 904.743.3727

Map Menu
Bartram Park

12620 Bartram Park Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32258

Takeout: 904.652.2989

Catering: 904.652.2989

Map Menu
Beach Blvd & Emerson

4907 Beach Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Takeout: 904.398.4248

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu
Bowden Rd.

5711 Bowden Road

Jacksonville, FL 32216

Takeout: 904.448.5395

Catering: 904.448.5395

Map Menu
Duval Station

731 Duval Staton Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Takeout: 904.551.4241

Catering: 904.551.4241

Map Menu
Eagle Harbor

1765 Town Center Blvd.

Fleming Island, FL 32003

Takeout: 904.269.8870

Catering: 904.269.8870

Map Menu
Fruit Cove

100 Bartram Oaks Walk

St. Johns County, FL 32259

Takeout: 904.287.7710

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu

6760 Newberry Road

Gainesville, FL 32607

Takeout: 352.331.3112

Catering: 352.331.3112

Map Menu
Jacksonville Beach

1266 South 3rd Street

Jacksonville, FL 32250

Takeout: 904.249.8704

Catering: 904.249.8704

Map Menu
Jammes Road

5229 Jammes Rd

Jacksonville, Fl 32210

Takeout: 904.900.3259

Catering: 904.900.3259

Map Menu
JTB & Gate Parkway

10065 Skinner Lake Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32246

Takeout: 904.998.1997

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu
Lane Ave. & I-10

705 S. Lane Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32205

Takeout: 904.783.1404

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu

9820 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32257

Takeout: 904.268.2666

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu

2640 Blanding Blvd. Ste.211

Middleburg, FL 32068

Takeout: 904.282.4288

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu
Neptune Beach

1275 Atlantic Blvd.

Neptune, FL 32266

Takeout: 904.270.2666

Catering: 904.270.2666

Map Menu
Norwood Ave.

5903 Norwood Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32208

Takeout: 904.765.1817

Catering: 904.765.1817

Map Menu
Philips Highway

10645 Phillips Highway

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Takeout: 904.886.2801

Catering: 904.332.RIBS

Map Menu
San Pablo & Beach

3303 S. San Pablo Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32224

Takeout: 904.223.1391

Catering: 904.223.1391

Map Menu
St. Augustine

2420 U.S. 1 South

St. Augustine, FL 32086

Takeout: 904.794.9424

Catering: 904.794.9424

Map Menu

2282 S.E. Federal Highway

Stuart, FL 34994

Takeout: 772.283.0078

Catering: 772.283.0078

Willie Jewell’s in Kingsland

1621 Hwy 40

Kingsland, GA 31548

Willie Jewell’s in Charleston

Phone: 843.789.3636




9393 East Dry Creek Rd.

Centennial, CO 80112

Takeout: 303.850.RIBS

Catering: 303.850.RIBS

Fax: 303.850.7431

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