Welcome to Bono’s



Welcome to Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q, an authentic Southern Pit barbecue experience you won’t forget. We’ve worked hard to uphold the traditions started in 1949 by founder Lou Bono and carried on by owner Joe Adeeb and his family. Today, we strive to deliver exactly what we’ve always promised: award-winning pit barbecue for the whole community to enjoy.

At Bono’s, you’ll find a genuine, down-home pit barbecue experience. Our entire menu is smoked and prepared in-house, from our mouth-watering smoked meats to our delicious sides made from scratch. Our smoker is always smokin’, and we cut everything to order, no shortcuts.

But it’s not only about the incredible food at Bono’s — our customers and culture are the cornerstones of our brand. We are family-owned and we treat all our guests as if they were family. Our recipes, our employees, our legacy — everything speaks to that.

We have proudly expanded to 20 Bono’s locations across the country, from the Sunshine State of Florida to the Rocky Mountains, and our culture is unmistakable at each of our restaurants. True culture is formed over time; it must be earned and cannot be fabricated. Thanks to the loyal and continued support of our customers, Bono’s has succeeded since 1949 and will continue to serve our community for generations. We are determined to live an intentional life. We are here to truly live, not surrender. To embrace meaning. To love unconditionally. To give without expectation. To participate, not watch. To create, not copy. To be unapologetically who we are. To rise up, and help others rise. We believe that this moment seeds every moment. Vulnerability is a virtue. Presence beats presents. Compassion is a gateway to connection. Life is a co-creative process. With rare exceptions, everything’s better when it is shared. These things we know.